a series of unfortunate events…

My summary of tonights gig supporting Blitzen Trapper

The Iggy Pop moment:
Me hitting my forehead on the head of simons guitar, causing some bleeding
The Alan Partridge moment:
Simon accidently setting the keyboard to ‘demo mode’ while we were in the middle of a song, prompting a beethoven sonata/ash and the oak fusion, which must have been very confusing for those listening
The Laurel and Hardy moment:
Rachel holding the end of a lead aloft mid-song, prompting alot of “whos come unplugged” panicked stares until we realised it wasnt one of ours.
The conveting your neighbours equipment moment: Blitzen Trappers lovely looking Moog:

Lovely lovely keys

Lovely lovely keys

I can laugh about it now but at the time it was terrible.

On a brighter note, simon has finished Qwadrology, and it sounds aces, so thats two songs done! Well done Simon.



  1. From where I was sitting I thought you guys were fantastic. Great songs and the ‘keyboard demo mode’ incident/accident was a touch of inspiration. It fooled us!

    A great night was had by all and to see the god-like genius that is Martin Carr, plus the amazing Blitzen Trapper made it my favourite gig of the year 2000 and nine.

  2. Thanks, I’m really glad you enjoyed it. All seemed a bit shambolic, but we got through it with only a small amount of bloodshed.

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