Autumn 2013 update

You know you’re not blogging very often when you can title a blog post by the season!

Anyway, the recording of Album Number 3 is going slowly but well. So far it involves the collaboration of people from Cardiff (Wales), Worthing (England), and Oklahoma (USA), and the sending and receiving of sounds from tapes, computers, apps, ipads, and a range of other recording devices. It’s messy and complicated, but hearing the results are exciting because it’s usually the first time we’ve actually heard all the various instruments and sounds put together. Lots of crossed fingers.

5 songs are fully recorded and mixed, and there are 5 to go. Current track listing is as follows:

…and the lights
Man in the Moon

We’re really hoping that it will be ready for release in Jan/Feb 2014, and theres even talk of a vinyl release. More to follow…

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