Survival as a kind of Triumph
Album released 23rd June 2014
First single: ‘The Warning’, release date: 2nd June 2014

Second single: ‘Something/Nothing’ release date: 9th Sept 2014

Track one: ‘transmit’

Track five: ‘millions’

Searching for the Soft Rays
Album released Nov 1st 2011
Hear the full tracks on Soundcloud):



  1. […] on May 20, 2010 Simon is mastering 3 nouveau songs this week, and we hope to have them on our ‘Listen’ page by the weekend. Are you excited, ARE […]

  2. […] Posted in Uncategorized by mattleighfield on May 22, 2010 3 brand new songs posted on the ‘listen‘ page of the blog. Feast your ears, you lucky […]

  3. phil hutchinson · ·

    Lovin’ your work. But not nearly enough solos in the vein of Uli Jon Roth/Malmsteen, etc.
    Nice to see you’re all still alive though.

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